Isolation By Resistance Web Service Version 0.1 beta

Citation: Suzuki, Y. and Bohonak, A.J. 2010. Isolation By Resistance, Web Service. Version 0.1 beta.

Adjust a zoom level for your map

Bound area: ((south, west), (north, east))

Paste a set of coordinates of your interest in the textarea below.

Input Format:
(area_name latitude longitude)
sample_1 40.9 -74.2
sample_2 41.3 -73.0
sample_3 42.1 -72.5

Upload a binary map array if you have a previously saved IBRWS file.



    1. All populations must be connected to all other populations by at least one pathway of habitable cells.
    2. Diagonals are not considered to be pathways. Connection are in 4 directions (horizonal and vertical ways).
    3. Calculation time will depend on the total number of habitat cells.
    4. Isolated islands of habitable cells increase calculation time but are irrelevant for resistance distances. Eliminate these islands to speed up calculations.

How to edit the map:
Changing permeability - "Shift" key + mouse click OR "Shift" key + "Ctrl" key + mouseover
Once you double-click a habitat cell (the left map), you can obtain the zoomed habitat cell on the right map.
The cell with red-color border indicates the cell you are currently editting.
If you need to modify the position of the sample, click "Move a site lable".
If you need to modify the zoomed habitat cell, click "Edit grid".
Clicking "up", "down", "right", or "left" buttons, you can move to adjacent habiat cells.
After done with editing, please click "Updata large map" to proceed to the next step.

The bound area of this map: ((south, west), (north, east))

Grid Overlay
Move a site label Edit grid

Grid Opacity 25% 50% 90%

Once you finish modifying your habitat map, check the map by clicking the button below

Note:If you receive a message about an unresponsive script, click continue.

Red cell: a sample in an impermeable cell. Please edit the map above.
Yellow cell: a sample in a habitat cell
Pink cells: No connectivity between the populations
Black cell: impermeable cell
Transparent cell: habitat cell

NOTE: All popualtions must be connected to all other popualtions by at least one pathway of habitable cells.
IBRWS calculations are based on a binary habitat matrix (cells habitable or impermeable)
Binary map Array -- 1:habitable cells, 0:impermeable cells (0 connectivity)

Tab separated habitat map non_tab separated habitat map

Estimated Samples of request processing time (hour)

~2000 habitat cells0.180.75
2001~4000 habitat cells1.355.83
4001~6000 habitat cells5.0
6001~8000 habitat cells11.60
8001~9999 habitat cells25.0