Version History:

3.23 - 25 March 2012

3.22 - 15 February 2012

3.21 - 19 October 2011

3.2 - 10 October 2011

3.16 - 20 April 2009

3.15 - 5 Nov 2007

3.14 - 30 July 2007

  • Corrected P-value displays in Download Results Summary and the standard output.

3.13 - 17 July 2007

  • Changed wording in Download Results Summary for Indicator Matrix values.

3.12 - 2 July 2007

  • Corrected output of undefined values for M.
  • Changed zero comparison for double precision values in all calculations.
  • Added new datasets with indicator matrices for the DNA and Codominant pages.

3.11 - 3 May 2007

  • Corrected display of DNA matrices for undefined values.

3.10 - 24 April 2007

  • Enabled DNA page to display error message if the user tries to calculate the variance and there is only one individual per population.
  • Added value to input page to replace FST and PhiST if two populations are fixed for the same allele
  • Corrected display of Fst and Rousset distance matrices if two populations are fixed for the same allele for the Raw data(diploid genotypes)
  • Corrected display of FST, M, and Rousset distance matrices if two populations are fixed for the same allele for the Raw data(DNA sequences)
  • Added output to display how many times values undefined values are replaced
  • Added new sample data

3.09 - 10 April 2007

  • Fixed misdiplayed data for partial correlations for indicator matrix

3.08 - 05 April 2007

  • Changed and corrected presentation of p-values for indicator matrix
  • Corrected presentation of p-values on download results page
  • Changed display of DNA page matrices to be tab-delimited
  • Corrected display of untransformed distance matrices to remove extra line

3.07 - 27 March 2007

  • Changed and corrected presentation of p-values for indicator matrix

3.06 - 20 March 2007

  • Changed and corrected presentation of Mantel p-values

3.05 - 01 March 2007

  • Code optimized
  • Changes to output of user-entered genetic distances
  • Cosmetic changes to presentation of Mantel test p-values

3.04 - 22 February 2007

  • Fixed bug for large number of populations
  • Added genetic distances output to Genetic distances/similarities

3.03 - 31 January 2007

  • Fixed bug in results summary displaying DISTANCE MATRIX
  • Fixed bug in DNA analysis to accept genetic distances of zero
  • Fixed Rousset's distance functionality for DNA data sets
  • Added Slatkin's similarity measure to DNA data sets
  • Added radio button for FST/PhiST, Rousset's, or Slatkin's option
  • Output of Rousset's or Slatkin's matrix in genetic distances output
  • Cosmetic changes made to front page
  • Front page now has three options for data input, genetic distance/similarities,
    non-DNA Raw Data (diploid genotypes, codominant markers), and DNA Raw data (DNA sequences)
  • Sample data provided for each of the three input data types
  • Set default analysis to genetic similarity (M)
  • Changed order of parameter selection in increase clarity
  • Changed the graph's y-axis title based on genetic similarity or distance selection
  • Added genetic distances to non-DNA Raw Data output
  • Added title based on genetic similarity or distances selection to results summary
  • Changed clarity in p-value title for results summary output
  • Changed analysis title based on genetic similarity or distance selection

3.02 - 16 November 2006

  • Fixed bug in memory allocation for sequence storage.
  • Added debug statements in log file for dna data genetic distance calculation.

3.01 - 09 November 2006

  • Corrected bug in Mantel test output.

3.0 - 1 November 2006

  • Improved clarity and precision on Mantel test p-values.
  • Added front page to navigate to codominant marker/genetic distances or DNA data page.
  • Incorporated DNA data sets to code.
  • New input page for DNA data sets.
  • Revised error message to input population data parsing.
  • Updated additional time estimates.
  • Added start time to waiting page.
  • Indicated unknown estimate time for those not known.
  • Fixed log of zero or negative geographic distance to output error message.
  • Changed all associated web pages to consistent font.

2.6 - 4 March 2006

  • Added waiting for processing page upon submit.
  • Moved VERSION define to globals.c definition for easy version number change in codes.
  • Generated error page for unfound GENETIC_DISTANCE, GEOGRAPHIC_DISTANCE, and/or GENETIC_GEOGRAPHIC_MATRIX keywords.
  • Generated error page for unfound POPULATIONS keyword.
  • Allow case insensitive keyword comparison.
  • Added start and total processing time on top left of results page.
  • Added start and total processing time on bottom of results summary
  • Fixed usage of negative genetic distances for first analysis.
  • Cosmetic changes made to front page.
  • Javascript to check number entered in for number of limits and ranges.
  • Added data limits page.
  • Fixed throwing out of negative genetic distances.
  • Added estimated request process times to front page.
  • Added javascript to select radio buttons for file input or paste data input on click.
  • Added javascript to disable "enter" key for form submission.
  • Added javascript to disable negative genetic options when unchecked.
  • Added additional error message for Rousset's distances when going back and resubmitting.

2.5 - 15 September 2005

  • Moved HTML form parsing code to the cgic library.
  • Added a utility to load old results from IBDWS.
  • Created an admin-utility for web-based IBDWS management.
  • Added output for the request identifier.
  • Moved sorting from convential insertion sort to quicksort.
  • Made optimizations that result in fewer buffer reallocations.

2.1 - 1 May 2005

  • The line of zeroes required for allelic data is no longer required.
  • Made the input file parsing more efficient and robust.
  • Resolved a bug that was preventing certain input files from processing.
  • Made web service compilation and installation easier via scripting.
  • Created a script that clears out the temporary files generated by IBDWS on scheduled intervals.
  • Revamped the version history page and made it XHTML compliant.
  • NOTE: at this point in development, a problem has been isolated with large matrix inputs. We are currently working to resolve this problem.

2.0 Beta - 31 October 2004

  • Postscript/JPEG plotting functionality.
  • Fixed calculations to prevent undefined values for F-Statistics.
  • Fixed some pointer logic errors.
  • Extended IBD to a web based interface.
  • Implemented a graphing algorithm that rounds graphing increments to produce more elegant graphs.
  • Formatted output data into HTML tables.
  • RMA Regression line is plotted to all outputted graphs.
  • Implemented a waiting screen.
  • Reformatted console output to HTML.
  • Added a date and time stamp to output files.
  • Ported the Apple source code to Linux/gcc.
  • Made the sample files readily available.
  • Created a source forge account for IBDWS, located at
  • File inputs can be done through a form or through file uploads.
  • Drastically increased the maximum number of populations, loci, alleles, and population pairs.

1.52 - 18 March 2004

  • (Raw data format) Summary statistics for each locus may be saved to the outfile.
  • Partial Mantel test results now reported in outfile.
  • Minor cosmetic changes to outfile.

1.51 - 13 February 2004

  • Residuals for RMA regression of (Genetic Distance vs Geographic Distance) may now be saved to the outfile.
  • Parameters in outfile are now reported with 10 significant digits.

1.5 - 23 January 2004

  • Added support for partial Mantel tests (see manual).
  • Compiled using newer version of CodeWarrior (v.8). Possible increases in speed on some platforms, although this has not been thoroughly tested.
  • Fixed extra columns in ouput file.

1.4 - 29 April 2003

  • Support added for input files in matrix format (see manual).
  • The genetic distance F/(1-F) is now calculated (Raw Data format).
  • Fixed bug when entering M value for F <= 0 (Raw Data format).
  • Maximum alleles per locus increased to 500.

1.3 - 17 December 2002

  • A summary of the results is saved in a tab-delimited text file.
  • Confidence intervals now estimated with greater precision.
  • Bug fix for some potential overflow problems.
  • File names can now be anything.
  • If the file is not found, IBD searches for the same file name with ".txt" appended.

1.2 - 21 May 2002

  • Improved interface for preferences; more options for handling genetic distances or similarities <= 0.
  • RMA now presents more types of analysis, with log- transformation of geographic and genetic data separately and jointly.
  • Fixed rounding error affecting some RMA calculations for very small genetic distances.
  • Updated manual.

1.13 - 14 May 2002

  • Fixed calculation of log(geographic distance).
  • Fixed a bug that affected jackknifing calculations for files with 15 or more populations.
  • Minor improvements to application speed.
  • Minor changes to screen output.

1.12 - 14 December 2001

  • IBD now correctly handles raw data sets that include sample sizes of 0 for some locus-population combinations.
  • Minor change to randomization methods.
  • Minor cosmetic changes.
  • Minor updates to manual.
  • New icon.

1.11 - 10 July 2001

  • Increased maximum # alleles per locus to 40.

1.1 - 17 June 2001

  • Extensive changes to program, including addition of reduced Major axis regression and Mantel Tests. See the IBD manual.

1.0 - 29 March 2000

  • Initial release.