Isolation By Distance

Web Service

Version 3.23

Written by Andrew J. Bohonak and implemented by Yoko Suzuki, Julia Turner, Eric Ngan and Jensen with the aid of Scott Kelley

Please cite as follows: Jensen, J.L., Bohonak, A.J., and Kelley, S.T. 2005. Isolation by distance, web service. BMC Genetics 6: 13. v.3.23

PDF Download the publication for IBDWS v.2.

PDF Download the unpublished paper for IBDWS v.3 (Raw data - DNA Sequences).

PDF Download list of studies using IBDWS (or its predecessor IBD).

PDF Download IBD v. 1.52 manual for additional information.

Documentation for Data formatting:

PDF Genetic distance/similarity formatting specifications.

PDF Non-DNA raw (diploid genotypes, codominant markers) formatting specifications.

PDF DNA sequences formatting specifications.

IBDWS is a robust and fast application for analyzing the relationship between (genetic) isolation and (geographic) distance. IBDWS improves substantially upon the previous IBD program in a number of ways, including several important upgrades and bug fixes, a user-friendly interface and the production of postscript graphing capability. Questions regarding the use of IBDWS should be directed to or to Andrew Bohonak personally. A user manual for the (old) standalone IBD application is still available at Nearly all of the information in this manual regarding input formats and details of the analyses is still accurate. Logo
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